Laurel and Hardy

Well not quite, in fact it was just me but it could have been something from a Laurel and Hardy film.

This last weekend I started power washing the house. Got about half done so far which is good for me because I hate ladders. Anyway, at the front of the house in a gutter far too high for my ladder to reach is what appears to be small tree growing. so the problem is, how to clean out this gutter.

A trip to the local supply store saw me coming away with a 5 foot extension for the power washer and a gutter cleaning adapter which is basically an almost ‘U’ shaped length of tube with a quick connector on each end.

So today I decided to attack the gutter. I assembled the extension and gutter cleaner to my power washer gun and ended up with a piece that was probably seven feet long overall.

THIS is going to be good!

With the power washer running, up the ladder I go. I get maybe 3/4 of the way up and I can now hook the U shaped gutter cleaner over the edge of the gutter. I am thinking that this is so much easier than trying to reach from the top of the ladder (which I cannot anyway).

So while hanging onto the ladder with one hand and watching what I am doing (a mistake) I pull the gun trigger.

A blast of water something akin to Niagara in full flow erupts from the spout of the gutter cleaner, dislodging a whole heap of crud that then processed to fall directly onto my upturned face.

The shock of this causes me to lift the gun slightly which in turn releases the gutter cleaner from the gutter allowing the full force of the water jet to propel the pressure washer into space. Except that I am still holding the gun end so it rotates around my shoulder joint. In the meantime I am trying to hold on to the ladder with one hand and let go of the trigger on the pressure washer gun to stop the flow. The problem is that I am hanging on to the handle of the gun, and thus the trigger with all my might in an attempt to stop this seven foot piece of rocket propelled pipe that is waving around in the air from smashing through a window, or anything else it might hit.

Eventually I am able to release the trigger and get it under control.

Now you’d think that after that I’d give up but no. This went on repeatedly for half an hour as I attempted to clean the gutter without destroying everything around me. Eventually I gave up before I did destroy something.

Overall, I’m not sure I succeeded in cleaning the gutter. I can still see bits of twig or something hanging over the gutter that refuse to move, and the corner of the gutter looks like it’s been in a fight with a brick and lost, due to being hit repeatedly with the flailing pressure washer end.

Oh well. More fun tomorrow when I do the back of the house!


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