Acer Support

We bought my wife a laptop at the weekend. got a good deal on an Acer Aspire and it’s a pretty well equipped notebook for the price.
However it still comes with Widows Vista since 7 is not out yet BUT, you can register to get a free upgrade when windows 7 becomes available in October (unless it slips, ha ha).
Well you ‘could’ get a free upgrade if the web site would take the computer’s serial number but it won’t.
So now I am dealing with Acer tech support (god help me) who insist I provide a phone number before they can help me.
Now my simple question is this. Why?

Why do you need a phone number when you will never speak to me, everything is being done in emails I don’t really want to speak to you (them) so why?
Also, why did you ask me to supply all the info I’d already given you in the initial contact. You know stuff like my email address (which you used to send me the request for my email address!).
Can you say “f****d up!

Well, so long as they sort out the issue and register the laptop for the upgrade I don’t really care.

All I can say so far is Acer, great product but your support is really, really annoying (not bad, not crap, just annoying).


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