We’ve had a wasp problem all summer, not the iddy biddy kind either but big (and I mean BIG) yellow jackets. Eventually I tracked them down to a spot underneath my roof. Unfortunately its a two story house which means that part of my roof is a good twenty six feet  or so up.  My ladder is only 24 feet so while I could get close enough to spray them a little I could not get close enough to actually do anything. The main problem is that the nest is actually inside the roof.  Fortunately for me it’s in a small decorative section and not part of the main roof.

So today I went and rented a big ladder, put on seventeen layers of clothing, all held together with duct tape, put on my goggle and up I went.

First job was to remove the shingles and the piece of plywood over that section of roof to reveal the nest.

Holy heck, was it big, probably a cubic foot overall. I hit it with some spray and made my escape. Lots of pissed off wasps were flying around for a while.

A little later I went up and stuck my (gloved) hand in there to try to move some of it. Big mistake. One angry resident shot straight out, past all my defenses and stung me on the cheek so I  made a hasty escape.

A little later it seemed like the activity had died down so I went up and broke up the nest with a tool I made (a piece of steel rod stuck through the end of a length of PVC pipe) that let me do it from some way below the nest on the ladder. No more wasps ame out so I went up and started digging and spraying. A few stragglers came around but did not bother me and any that did got a face full of spray.

So I’ve cleaned out that part of the roof. It does not look like they got into the main attic thankfully. I am going to make a temporary peice of wood to put over the hole for now so I can easily remove it next week and check again before closing it up.

There’s also a similar section of roof a few feet away that I’ve seen a few wasps going into so I want to get up there in a little while and rip that off to take a look while I have the ladder. At $48 a day (for a bloody ladder!) I want to get as much use out of it as I can.

Of course, just to add to my discomfort (that sting still hurts a couple of hours later) it’s started raining.

Just another day in paradise!


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