Time to come clean aka problems with SOAP and WSDLs!

I know nothing about this stuff other than some basic XML knowledge so this is a bit like climbing Everest in winter in your skivvies for me (not that I would, I don’t even like heights!).

I have a SOAP service that I can make requests to quite fine thank you if I hard code the soap request string. So what I want to do is to create a wsdl for the service so that anyone can use it. Fine so far.


However the actual data being requested is determined by one of the attributes of the request and the attributes in the response vary depending upon what is being requested. So imagine the following:




<other attributes> etc



Now for any given request the ident_of_thing_I_want is a fixed string so I want to be able to define that in the wsdl itself so that when I gen a SOAP request from the wsdl for this ‘thing’, that ident string, i.e. ‘ident_of_thing_I_want’ is automatically included into the soap request between the attributes.

In other words, not only does the wsdl define the request attributes, but in the case of this one, the actual contents as well.


However, so far I have been unable to figure out if this is even possible, never mind how to do it.

I am using the WSDL editor of the Web Tools Project in Eclipse to create my wsdl and BIRT (also in Eclipse) to test it. to make matters worse I am unfamiliar with either tool or indeed even Eclipse itself so the whole experience so far ‘sucks’.

Plus, the tools are all Java based and Java runs like a snail on my machine!

I’ve been fighting with this for a week now and it’s driving me barmy. This is why I hate all this ‘clever’ stuff. Give me good old assembler any day. Heck I’d even write Cobol if I had to but they’ve even ‘webized’ that these days (sob!).

P.S. If you know how to do this, pleeeeze let me know!


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