He bites…

Good Day; Sir
Attn :Mr Fish"
I have just received your Email now; I have finished my delivery to other European countries to the consignees. At the moment I am in the international Airport Heath law Uk London With your package, I was trying to board with your package to your country I was stopped by London custom who is demanding for non-inspection Certificate before they can release the parcel to me.  Due kindly confirm your information in your next email as well call me through my telephone number here.

Afterward I have gone to the United Kingdom Authority where the non-inspection will be issued and the cost to obtain the non-inspection certificate is $1050.00.  Please you should send the money to me via western union money transfer to enable to proceed with the delivery, and make sure you confirm your current Information with the mobile number in retuning of this message.

You can Go ahead and send the fee via the payment information of western union here;
Receiver; Edwin Brown
Country; London England
Question; How much?
Amount   ; $1050.00 Dollars.
This is the number where you can reach me once you confirm the payment paid through western union to secure the Non-inspection Certificate before they can release the parcel to me. Call Me +44 703 591 6754
Mr. Edward  Brown

Dennis Miller, 1776 N 9th ST., De Queen, AR., 71832. 870-584-4146


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