Use a stamp day

US Stamp

In these days of ever increasing online transactions and almost instant communications I think there should be a “Use a stamp” day and so I would like nominate today, October the 21st as “Use a Stamp” day, although pretty much any day can be use a stamp day.

Why use a stamp?

Well consider this, when you use a stamp, especially to pay a bill, it requires someone at the other end to physically handle that envelope/letter/bill at some point, if only to actually read the thing and confirm that your payment is actually in there.
That means that you are keeping someone in a job and in these hard times, every little helps.

When you use a stamp you keep the post office workers employed. OK, I know that as a business the PO is pretty pathetic, lousy web site, too many ‘services’, all with differing fees but it’s always nice to see the mail man coming down the street even if he is only bringing bills and junk mail! Seeing the mail man reassures us that everything in the world is normal.

Stamps tell a story about a country, it’s people and culture. Where would all those philatelists be without stamps and yes, I too had a stamp album when I was (much) younger! There’s something about seeing and touching a stamp from another part of the world that connects you to that part of the world and its people in a way that the internet never can because it’s something physical and real.

So remember, use a stamp and keep the world going around.



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