Persistent little bastard….

His reply:

Good Day; Sir

Attn :Mr Rancid Fish

Your message has been received and the content is well understand me, in regards t your mail I want you to note that I am not residence in London, I only arrival London for some delivering which I earlier told you, the western union dose not need more than destinations and the city, which I earlier gave to you, the destination is UNITED KINGDOM, while the city is London, kindly follow the instruction, and try to re-confirm your directly mobile telephone , which I will call you upon my arrival to united states, and don’t forget to confirm your address where the consignment will be deliver to you in united states once I arrival to the states, the instruction given to me by the company is not to hand the package over to who is not the real beneficiary of the package for the security reasons, I can not take such risk by communicating with who is not the real beneficiary, that is why i am advising you, who ever you are consulting to help you and send the fee or you are sending it by yourself, that you should use the information of western union which I gave to you here , to send the money via the western union and send me the MTCN number, first name and second mane together with MTCN number .

kinky go ahead and pick up the payment information of western union here, as well proceed to any near by western union to send the $1050.00 dollars , once I received it, I will proceed to the authority here to secure the non-inspection certificate as move to book my flight ticket for flying down to your country for the final deliver. Due notify me once the payment is been made today.






AMOUNT ; $1050.00 DOLLARS.


This is the number where you can reach me once you confirm the payment paid through western union to secure the Non-inspection Certificate before they can release the parcel to me. Call Me +44 703 591 6754


Mr. Edward Brown


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