Modern Warfare 2


Bought the game yesterday for the Xbox 360 (a legal, unmodified one!).
Now bear in mind I am not a gamer of any sort really, I used to play some first person shooter game or other a few years ago on the PC but in general I don’t really bother. Still, I thought I’d treat myself after all the hype.
Now I must say it it’s fun but mainly because the kid is sitting next to me telling me what to do and where to go (in a nice way) and laughing his head off because I have NO idea what the hell I am doing or even which buttons to press. I can hardly read the instructions on the screen half the time or tell who are the bad guys and who are the good guys (shot a few of my own men a few times so far, oops!) because my eyes are not as young as they used to be and we only have an old TV, no HD flat screens in our house (yet) although I am sure they will come as the old TVs die (more bloody $, sigh).
I’ve not even tried the on line play yet, I am sure I’d die in the first two minutes.

As a bit of fun it’s fine but I am still trying to see the attraction to spending all day getting (virtually) shot at. Maybe I am just too old for this sort of stuff.



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