Good People

Tyler Shipman is an 18 year old young man that I’ve never met. Neither have a lot of other people but he shares a common interest with us in that he’s a big Pontiac Fiero fan. We all belong to a great online community called Pennock’s Fiero Forum.

The story is that he has a Fiero that he’s been trying to restore. However he now has cancer and cannot work on the car anymore. After posting a message about this on the forum, one of the members currently serving in Iraq came up with the idea to try to get a few parts for the car to help him finish it. Well that idea ballooned, people and companies have donated parts and a place to work and god knows what with the result that now, and now (and I mean NOW as in this weekend, Nov 21-22) people have traveled from all over the country to be at a ‘build’ to get Tyler’s car together for him.


You can real all about Tyler at

Of course the Fiero community is just one group of people that have come together to help him. It’s things like this that renew my faith in humanity and all the ordinary but good people that are in the world.


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