Heard on the Radio…

First of all, let me state that I am one hundred percent supportive of the men and women that make up our armed forces. I might not agree with all the conflicts we as a country are involved with but that has nothing to do with my support of those that have or currently do, serve.


So the comment was that suicide rates amongst armed forces personnel have been rising. A general was quoted as saying that the suicide rate had risen to the point where something had to be done to bring it back down.


Now, maybe it’s just me and my sideways way of seeing these things sometimes, but doesn’t that statement imply that there is actually an acceptable level of suicides amongst the armed forces.


Personally I’d have thought that the only acceptable number would be zero!


OK, I know it’s not that simple, my farther was in the British Royal Navy during WWII but maybe, just maybe someone in this generals position should put their brain in gear before opening their mouth.


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