Dear Bill…

Once again your crappy operating system has fucked up my weekend! It is now almost midnight on Saturday night and I am in the middle of having to reinstall EVERYTHING again after wiping my PC AGAIN after Windoze screwed up and just stopped working, or at least half my software did. Pretty much anything to do with the network (pretty much everything these days) was dead and it’s not the network because the others in the house are fine.

As you can see, I got my network connectivity back. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that! Should you feel the need to compensate me for all the testing I have done for you on your crappy software, feel free to send me a check. Half a million should cover it (and I’m working cheap at that price).

In the meantime, my PC is about to reboot itself (AGAIN) as I try to install the patches to get it up to date so I shall bid you a fond farewell and good night.


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