Monty Python Moments in Avatar

We watched Avatar last night. I have to say it’s one of the few films I’ve seen that are noticeably better on the big screen, or maybe it was the 3D effects, not sure. Anyway, moving along…

The kid and I are big Monty Python fans, never missing an opportunity to drop into one of the many well known dialogs from the Monty Python TV shows and films and I have to say I noticed a couple of instances in Avatar that were right out of Monty Python.

The first was early on in the film when the humans were justifying their arrival on the planet by saying how they had brought peace and medicine to the natives. Straight away I thought of the aqueduct, from the scene in Life of Brian where the rebels are all asking what have the Romans done for us and someone suggests the aqueduct which leads into a whole list of benefits that the Romans had brought.

Next up was towards the end of the movie where Sully (as the avatar) was getting all the natives to fight and there was one very brief scene where he’s rallying the troops and the only dialog you hear is “‘and their children’s childen” which is straight out of LoB (I think) where one of the characters starts saying “and their children’s childen, and their children’s children’s childen and their…”. Well you get the idea.

Now I find it hard to believe that those got in there by accident so was someone on the script writing team having a little bit of fun, or maybe even Cameron himself?


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