Everyone should have a hero or two, someone to look up to, someone that you’d like to be like, someone to inspire you. My hero is my kid. He’s 18 and when I grow up I want to be like him!

This is his last year at regular school and he signed up to do a course called Tech Theater. Basically this is the technical side of theatrical production such as sound, lighting and set construction, which is amazing because he’s a total ditz when it comes to anything like that at home. He can’t even cut the grass in a straight line!

At the end of the year the class had a sort of “Why do you like/respect certain people” exchange and this is what his fellow students and teacher had to say about him (name removed to preserve some semblance of privacy):


I appreciate —–"Cookies" —– because

You are always in a good mood and work hard,

Cookies! I love having you as a building partner and having the absolute hardest projects to work on!

Haha you are so funny & nice!

You are the coolest, liveliest, most fun guy positive guy I have ever met in Tech and possibly in school, You’re going to go far in life with the positive attitude you always have. Keep rockin!

You’re like a brother to me. You’re crazy, original, amazing, smart, and tall So glad I got to be friends with you, don’t change.

You’re so dedicated to tech and always making things twice as fun.

You’re a total biscuit but that’s who you are. Don’t change!

You are funny, outgoing, hard working, and pretty much an all round great person.

You always know how to liven up a conversation and brighten up a room.

Our conversations during lunch are a lot of fun! I always look forward to talking to you.

You are random and pretty hilarious. I’m gonna miss you next year.

You are a really nice guy and awesome at set. You’re gonna have a hard time next year without you!

I love him! He is adorable and a great friend.

He’s always willing to help, no matter the job, and he’s always doing something interesting.

You are one funny little b@%$*!#. You bring a smile on all the chaps’ faces.

Dear Cookies, we’ve gone to school together for almost our entire lives and we seem to have drifted apart. For real, have fun in college and stay sane.

Cookies is awesome and incredibly sweet, He is always willing to help out even if others don’t want to;).

He is also very talented and will be awesome at engineering… (if he decides on that for sure)!.

You think our adventures are over just yet? We are bros now and for life! We got a long time left. You are one of my best friends, and always will be.

He’s unlike anyone else I know. Despite his jokes and bravado, he is a truly caring person. I feel like l could go to him if I ever needed advice or a friend to talk to, he’s the man.

He is hilarious, kind, and he always wants to help people out! He is one of the realest kids I have ever met and I wish I could have gotten to know him better!

You’re so great to have in the class; you make everyone laugh. Just your name, Cookies, makes me smile. I wish you luck next year in college; I know you’ll do great.

Since day one, he’s been one of the most outgoing people in the class. He’s always trying to get people to work together and have fun.

Don’t you miss having three classes a day with me? Tech 1 and Tech 2 have been a lot of fun, and I’m glad to have had theses classes with you, I don’t think I had talked to you since Freshman year until this year. Take it easy over the summer!

Maaaaan I love you!! You’re so nice and you volunteer for everything when no one else will. You are such a techie! I am truly going to miss you next year.. don’t go!

(and from his teacher)


It seems like you’ve always been in tech. How is it that you just joined us last semester? You are so kind and caring, watching out for even the most stubborn of techies who insists on doing stuff with a hurt shoulder. You bring so much laughter, love, hugs, smiles, enthusiasm and joy to our classroom. You are so smart and such a talented builder and you don’t take shortcuts, which I so appreciate. You’ve also been a wonderful role model for the younger techies showing that you can have fun while still doing things right and getting work done- I love that I not only is watching from the booth a treat for you but I’m glad I could oblige twice. I can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye, but at the same time I don’t feel this is really goodbye because I know you’re going to keep in touch and come back and visit us. I know I’ll probably really struggle next year when I’m in rehab for the first part of the year, after shoulder surgery so I’ll have to find someone else to help me keep my stubbornness in check. It has truly been a pleasure teaching you, I’m so proud of you, and you are one of those students who really makes an impact on the class and the teacher. You are a calm person in the storm that is tech and keep your cool when everyone else (myself included) is stressing. You have so much common sense that I wish we could bottle it and give some to the younger kids that lack it. You are one in a million and we will miss you a lot next year. But I know it’s also time for you to move on to bigger and brighter things as your star has a lot of shining to do. Just remember your poor theater department when you become some hot shot engineer or whatever you decide to do ;-). I wish you the best and you better keep in touch Cookies, your tech family and I are always here for you. -Ms. ********


The nickname ‘Cookies’ comes from the time they all had to take some food in for a late night set construction stint and he took cookies. He even had a tee shirt made up that said “Everyone Loves Cookies” because he’s crazy that way.

Anyway, when I leave this world, if people thought even half of all that about me, I’d be proud. So “Cookies”, you are MY hero!

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