Not another pair I have to buy…

Since Avatar burst onto movie screens in glorious 3D it seems like there has been a flood of 3D movies. Although I think it added to the value of the storytelling in Avatar because of the mix of live and animated action, having seen Toy Story 3 recently in 3d, I am still undecided as to the value for a purely animated movie.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Despicable Me is next on my list and of course it’s in 3D. This means I have to fork over yet another three bucks for a pair of glasses in addition to the price of admission. Not only that but you are supposed to return them after the move.

Are you kidding me. At three bucks a pop I hang on to the ruddy things which means I now have a nice collection of 3D glasses. What’s annmoying though is that even though I have the glasses I still have to fork over that extra $3 every time I go to watch a 3D movie and it’s really, and I mean REALLY, starting to irk me!

At some point the masses are going to figure out that this is a scam that needs to be stamped out. Take a family of four to the movies and that’s an additional $12 just for the ‘loan’ of glasses. That could almost pay for the popcorn (because movie theater concessionsĀ  prices are based on fiction, not actual product cost) but joking aside, twelve buck is a lot for some families.


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