You can already smell the fear…

I posted a comment on the WRAL web site about this here Koran burning issue. Basically I said that whilst the Imam of the proposed NY mosque said that they were there in peace, it was obvious from the action of the followers of Islam throughout the world that the religion is one of violence against anyone they disagree with (vs the allowed peaceful protest that is our right in the US).

So what do you know. The WRAL web site administrators ‘edited’ my comments. They left in the quote from Rauf (the Imam) about being here in peace and deleted the rest.

God forbid that we actually ‘offend’ anyone eh! Well, here’s some news for you WRAL (any anyone else that has not noticed). The followers of this religion are already pissed and threatening us with violence because we choose to exercise our rights. The time for pussy footing around and diplomacy has already passed. The war is upon us, it is here, in our own back yard. We just don’t know it yet.



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