Behringer FCB1010 and tc Electronics m300

The reason I got the Behringer FCB1010 is to control my tc Electronics m300 effects unit. All I want it to do (at this point anyway) is to let me select one of several presets and to control the volume using one of the foot controllers.

Hooking the two units up is pretty easy, midi out of the FCB1010 to the midi in of the m300 and you are good to go.

What I wanted was to be able to select a preset using the switches but also to be able to turn on the bypass of the m300 so that I got a dry signal. The m300 manual says that the bypass is controlled by a CC 81 message. What it does not tell you are what values to send to the unit with that message to turn the bypass on and off.

Some experimentation revealed that sending CC 81 with a zero value turned bypass off (so you hear the currently selected effect) and sending CC 81 with a 127 turned by bypass on (thus giving me a dry signal).

Also the m300 does not respond to the CC 7 (volume)message but does respond to CC 12 which for the m300  sets the input level, so I had to use that as a pseudo volume controller with the foot controllers.

I set up one of the switches to send CC 81+127 so I could turn the m300 bypass on so that I would get a dry signal.

For the other switches I set each one to send the corresponding program change, so switch one selects program 1, switch 2 selects program 2 etc. I am only using a few presets so I don’t need to do the whole bank thing even though the m300 can hold 100 presets and the fcb1010 could select them all using bank switching.

I also had to setup each switch that I was using to send a program change with to also end a CC 81 + 0 message to turn off the bypass (in case it was on) AND I had to assign one of the foot pedals to each switch as well so that it would send the CC 12 line in level change control that I am using as a volume controller. I also had to do that for the switch that I had setup to turn bypass on (dry signal) so that the foot pedal still worked as a volume control even when the unit was in bypass mode (dry signal).

Once I figured out that you need to assign all the controllers you want to each switch it was pretty easy to setup. Overall it took about an hour to do.

I also had to calibrate the foot pedals using the info I found at

Once I had that done I was able to select each preset in turn on the m300 by pressing the corresponding switch on the controller, or put the m300 in bypass mode using the switch I had setup for that. At the same time I am now able to control the volume using the foot pedal.

All I have to do now is setup some decent effect setting presets!


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