Craigslist and was a search engine that allowed you to search all Craigslist sites for stuff. I say was because it looks like Craigslist have just forced it off line. Actually I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.

It was great because instead of just doing a local search you could do a nation wide search for stuff. In addition you could put in a zip code and do a local(ish) search of up to 250 miles which is a lot better than the crappy nearby search stuff the CL has.

After all, not everything is on eBay! In fact I’ve noticed that in general there are far fewer ‘bargains’ than there used to be on flea bay these days, if any at all (guess it depends what you are looking for really though).

Since Craiglook still took you to the CL add page anyway when you clicked on a hit for your search I am not really sure why they think is a problem unless it causes a bandwidth hit on their servers.


Still, personally I think CL have just shot themselves in the foot big time. Whilst I used Craiglook for some stuff I mostly used the direct local web site so for me at least CL have just really annoyed me and an annoyed customer just goes elsewhere eventually. I guess they don’t care though.


I guess what we really need is Craiglook powered CL lookalike to kick CL where it hurts, even if I had to live with adds to pay for the service, I liked the additional search capability beyond the local region that Craiglook gives (or gave!).




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