Red Bull and F1

If you follow Formula 1 racing then you will know that both Red Bull drivers are in contention for the drivers championship but that Alonso who drives for Ferrari is now leading the championship. There’s also not a great deal of love lost between the two red Bull drivers with Vettel being the better driver right now whilst Webber has led the championship pretty much all season. In reality it is Webber’s championship to lose and has been for a while.

Now in spite of all this and the fact that if Vettel commits to helping Webber then Red Bull ‘could’ have both the constructor’s championship (which they already have won) AND the driver’s championship, the team leads have said they will not direct the drivers one way or the other. I.E. No team orders, which technically are not allowed anyway but you know how that goes after the Ferrari debacle that funnily enough gave Alonso the lead in the championship.

So here’s my thought for the day. The Red Bull slogan (on all the teams overalls and shirts) is “Red Bull gives you wings”. Apparently it also makes you as dumb as a rock. Who but a complete idiot would risk losing the prestige of having the F1 drivers champion in their car at the end of the season to another team (Ferrari in this case) over something like ‘team orders’ when we all know the teams do it anyway to some extent.

Maybe it’s because Red Bull so blatantly favors Vettel (being German and RB being Austrian owned) over Australian Webber and have made that patently clear throughout the season and would rather see the championship go to Alonso in the Ferrari than to Webber if Vettel cannot win it.

Just plain dumb in my book. Of course you can bet there will be ‘some’ sort of team orders or ‘agreement’ within the Red Bull team before the race but publicly that are making themselves look just plain stupid.

I knew there was a reason I don’t drink Red Bull (or any of those so called energy drinks. If you need them to function then there’s something wrong with your life).

Personally I hope Webber wins then he can give the execs at Red Bull the finger but in reality I think that based on his current performance, for Webber to win he will need Vettel’s help.

The final race of the season should be an interesting one.


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