So Vettel wins the championship. In the end it was well deserved, he has consistently out driven Webber in the last half of the season. Sad to say but the championship was Webber’s to loose and he just failed to do enough in the end.

Vettel’s success though can also be attributed to some unlucky strategy by Ferrari on Alonso’s behalf. It could have so easily been his championship. Still that’s the way it goes sometimes I guess.

I am still of the opinion though that Red Bull make you dumb. Sure their ‘strategy’ of letting the drivers fight it out would appear to have succeeded but it was really Ferrari and Alonso’s failure to get the necessary finishing position that got Red Bull to where they are, rather than anything positive they did in that respect.

Yes, they did have the best car this year, and yes they did convincingly win the constructor’s championship  but in the end I think that one of their drivers winning the driver’s championship was as much to do with luck as anything else. You can bet that none of the other teams that had a chance were saying “let the drivers fight it out, best man wins”.

The final outcome makes them look good (we did it fairly, no team orders) but like I say, I think they got lucky. They could just as easily have ended up looking stupid and as a way to run a business, taking that sort of chance just seems daft to me. Whilst the teams don’t get any money for having one of their drivers take the championship, the drivers are the face of the team that the fans follow and if fans equals money for your sponsors, then having the championship winner on your team has to be worth real money.


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