Yamaha s70xs – Don’t bother

I did a lot of research, I really did. I checked out keyboards galore. I really liked the new Roland RD700NX but it was just slightly above what I wanted to pay (ie what the wife would let me spend!) and I read a lot about problems with the coating they put on the keys but it really was a nice keyboard.

They I came across the s90xs in the local store. Played it some (OK, a lot), read up on it, loved it. Ordered and bought the 76 key version (s70xs) through the store to you know, support your local store.

Then I found that crummy harmonic on the three keys at D1 on the S6 sample. I keep trying to tell myself it does not bother me and to be honest for the most part it does not but hit those keys on a piano solo (try Clair de Lune) and that ‘noise’ is really noticeable and annoying.

So then today I am giving honky tonk train blues a good workout with a layered sound of piano and strings and it’s dropping notes like crazy. I guess the polyphony is pretty crap too huh! Layer a couple of pianos and it’s OK but come on, my old EX7 managed just fine.

Trouble is in my efforts to ‘support your local music store’ my keyboard was special order which equals no returns so I am stuck with it. I Should just have gone online, at least I could have returned it. Oh well, lesson learned there I guess.

As for the keyboard. Well I can live with it. In many ways I do like it, great feel, nice sounds, pretty easy to use.

Would I recommend it to a friend. NO! Hell, I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy either!

Sorry but Yamaha dropped the ball on this thing. I’ve spend my money and I am stuck with it so I’ll have to do the best I can but unless Yamaha steps up and does something about this, it’ll be the last Yamaha I every buy!

On the bright side, at least I did not buy a REAL S6 grand piano. Imagine spending your money and finding it sounds like that!


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