I am trying to get the local Sam Ash store to take the S70xs keyboard back. Because it was special order, ‘policy’ says no returns but in life everything is negotiable and I am trying to contact someone at corporate to see if I can get this thing returned and get my money back.

If not, well I am stuck with it unless I sell it (at a loss).

So a  word of warning:

  • Do not special order stuff (from anywhere) if there’s even the slightest chance you will want to return it, get it online from somewhere with a return policy!
  • Do NOT buy a Yamaha s70xs (or s90xs which is the same keyboard internally). The problems outweigh the good stuff.

And if I have to live with this thing then I intend to start a one man ‘do not buy this thing’ onslaught until Yamaha does something about the issues this keyboard has. Car manufacturers have recalls, beats me why Yamaha cannot do the ‘right thing’ here since I cannot afford to waste my money like this.


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