Don’t try to hard, they will arrest you in Raleigh…

You’d think that in these economic times the state, hell anyone, would appreciate a little help, especially when it is well done.

Not so the city of Raleigh, or more precisely the state DOT.

According to this story doing something too well can land you in hot water.

In summary:

The state DOT conducted a survey on traffic signal requirements for a road and decided they were not required.

The local neighborhood decided to do their own survey and presented very well done, comprehensive and professional report to the state DOT. It did also just so happen to come to a different conclusion to that of the state report. I.E. The new new junctions really do need signals.

Now you’d think the state DOT would be at least interested in this report. But no, instead of accepting it as a job well done by concerned citizens (and at least considering it), they instead charged one of the writers of the report of  “practicing engineering without a license”.


So, this guy did his homework on how to do this study (not hard in today’s internet age) and produced a very professional report. He has never claimed to be an engineer but because he did such a good job they want to charge him with a misdemeanor.

I hope the state DOT realizes what an ass they have made of themselves. I hope they also consider hiring this guy. He’s obviously better at their jobs then they are.

Gotta love living in Raleigh!



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