“Robert Brown” at robert@webwhales.net is a Scammer…

I am selling some musical equipment on craigslist. I got an email from robert@webwhales.net asking about it:

Hello, do you still have this? When can I come check it out? Shoo me an email back as soon as possible pls I’m speech disabled though, remember to leave your name and email address when you email back PS: – You can just reply this email, I’m always with my computer.

I replied saying he could come and look at it. Then get this:

Thanks for writing back…but I’m sorry I won’t be able to come see it anymore, embarking on a 2 month business trip to New York tomorrow morning,I  was gonna be coming to your town that got changed but I still want it  anyway,getting it for my cousin for her birthday. If you could sell  it to me when I get to New York I will mail you a bank official check in excess to cover the cost of the shipping to where it will be needed for you to cash and deduct funds for you item as well.
Note : My shipper/mover would handle the pick up and delivery so it doesn’t stress you after you’ve cashed the payment deduct and send the remaining funds to there accountant. I really need this, quite important and urgent. I will be more than glad if it can be sold to me. Email me back with a name, address and your phone number for the check, write back soon. Thank you

If this is not a scam I am Chinese! A quick search of the net found another craigslist ad in MA that basically confirmed my suspicions by naming this idiot along with the email address!. I did like the speech disabled bit in the initial email, very clever.

I’ve half a mind to reply, see what happens!


5 Responses to ““Robert Brown” at robert@webwhales.net is a Scammer…”

  1. Daniel Behrman Says:

    My response to him:

    Sure, that sound good. I will of course have to hold your check for 60 days to confirm it doesn’t bounce with the bank. In the mean time perhaps you can send your cousin some cardboard cutouts to experiment with. If you have read this far then you must realize that I know your a scamming douche, good luck next time!”

  2. ltlfrari Says:

    The real problem here of course is the banks inability to confirm the legitimacy of a check within a reasonable amount of time. In this day and age you would think that could be done almost instantly but as you say, it seems to take them a month to ‘really’ clear checks which is pretty pathetic when you think about it. They (the banks) still gouge us (their clients) with fees at every turn though for this ‘service’ ha ha!

  3. leif2 Says:

    People actually think if they wait 10 business days for the check to clear, they’re ok. This scam was on 60 minutes. You won’t be ok, the check will bounce a month later.
    Then what happens is the bank will go after you for the amount of the check. 3000, 4000, whatever they send. The check LOOKS like a bank check, and so people must get greedy.

    Btw, I bought something for $3000 off a friend of mine on the left coast once and the bank told him that *MY* check was no good when he went to cash it.
    Hehe, my check was actually good, but the teller had seen the scam 1000 times, and didn’t know that I had sent a legit check.

  4. leif2 Says:

    What would happen next is he will send you a check for 10x the amount (probably) by “mistake” and then give you the option of cashing it and making some money for yourself (yeah right) in exchange for sending the rest back to him via western union.
    The check won’t bounce for a month or so, and by that time, you’re out a couple thousand dollars.
    People must be falling for it because they’re still doing it.

  5. leif2 Says:

    Oh I got EXACTLY the same response.
    Don’t bother, it’s a scam.
    In fact, I listed 3 items in the last few days, and I think he answered them all. Or someone did…

    You tell them cash only and you will never fall for an over payment scam.
    The check is no good, and you’ll lose a lot of money.
    It’s been around for years, that scam.

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