Bin Laden…

I am sure everyone else will comment on his death so here’s my two cents worth…

Bin Laden was, so far as I can tell, a minor player in the terrorism world. When did we last really hear anything from him other than a couple of muffled audio tapes of dubious authenticity. That’s not the profile of a ‘leader’. And all those old videos showing him with his troops? I read somewhere they were all ‘rent a guns’, just payed to be there for the videos. He had no real troop and no real authority.

I suspect that the US government (and others) picked him to be the ‘face’ of terrorism, just like they picked Al Qaeda to be the face of terrorist organizations.  It’s a bit like having a disease, you feel a lot better about it when you know it’s name, even it it makes no difference to the outcome.

The problem is now of course that all those terrorists that did not really care about Bin Laden, heck I bet half of them had never even heard of him, will now make him into a martyr. You can bet there’s going to be an uptick in terrorism, just because of his death.

But you know what’s really sad. The this and other countries should be celebrating the death of a man. I don’t care who he is, killing someone is never an answer. Look what happened after the execution of Saddam Hussein. In some ways nothing changed, in others. it just got worse. Ultimately though, it achieved nothing. I suspect this will ultimately achieve about the same.


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