(not so) Cheap flights…

Some time ago I saw an ad online for flight to England fo$234. Hey, I thought (as you do), that’s a good price. But then I looked more closely at this ‘deal’. Next to it were some asterisks:

Asterisk number 1. Price is each way. OK, still not too bad for the round trip.

Asterisk number 2. Airport ‘taxes and fee’s of up to $250’ will be added!

So suddenly this ‘cheap flight’ is not so cheap.

Then I looked at the flight itself, Boston to London! Not a great deal of use to someone living in North Carolina, and London? Nowhere near where I l come from. If it goes to Heathrow, not ‘too bad’ but If it’s Gatwick or even worse Stanstead you might as well fly to Paris instead, they are that far away!

I always thought this summed up modern air travel very nicely:


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