Standtastic 100 KSB review

The first problem, OK, the ONLY problem so far, is that apparently the company does not know what it’s own products are called. According to this page on their website this product is called the “100 KS” but everywhere I looked sells it as the “100 KSB”. Also, if you are selling a product called “standtastic” wouldn’t it make sense to buy and use the domain name instead of having it hung off of some obscure company name. Just sayin, that’s all!


I got this from, $124 delivered, no tax, no shipping charges (gotta love the internet), plus no one had it in stock locally anyway!


I only use the one keyboard for gigs so I figured I only needed the single tier unit which is supposed to be 48 inches tall. I am 6′ 5″ and I figured I need the keys to be around 44 inches off the ground for me to be able to play comfortably standing up so this unit fits the bill just fine. The bottom of my keyboard to the top of the keys is just over 4 inches so I still have a few inches to play around with height wise if need be.


Overall the unit is as solid as a rock. I bet I could do dips on this thing. I tried it tonight (with a keyboard, not doing dips!) at home and I think it will do just fine. Loads of room underneath for pedals as well. Downside is, it’s heavy. Upside is that instead of having to carry an X stand AND a seat, I now only have to carry the stand. Plus it comes with a pretty decent bag. Be nice if the bag handles were a bit longer or there were clips on it so I could attach a longer stap so that I could sling it over my shoulder to carry. Have to get the wife to ‘tweak’ the bag for me.

Setup. Yes, once it is adjusted for your rig it does take about 30 seconds to setup. Pretty neat. It only took me a couple of minutes to get it set up anyway although you do need to use the included hex Allen key wrenches to adjust the height of the arms.

Niggles. The side struts are ‘held’ to the uprights when disassembled by Velcro. The pieces are SMALL and one wasn’t even on the right leg. Two secs to move it but come on, how hard is it to get stuff like that right. I may replace with larger pieces of Velcro anyway. simple (and naff) but it works I guess. It’s only to hold the braces in place while you assemble it anyway.

Note sure why they used wing nuts on to fasten the side braces to the front leg. They could have used regular knobs. Seems a bit cheapskate to me. Again, a simple fix (plenty of places sell that sort of thing online).

The actual arms that the keyboard sits on could do with a strip of rubber or something on them (or rubber pads at least) so that they don’t scratch the bottom of the keyboard. Some of us actually try to take care of our equipment you know! Again a simple fix but why not provide something from the factory.

The arm length is adjustable but the extensions are held in place with little fiddly thumb screws. I ‘think’ I can see why they used them (to fit into the front rail slit when disassembled) but they just look/feel like a shortcut again when a little more thought/effort  to the design would have  make a big difference.

The footprint is a little larger than an X or table stand but when you consider I can stand behind the keyboard instead of sitting I reckon it will all just about balance out space wise. We shall see at the next band practice!


Anyway, so far and based on just setting it up at home, I am well pleased with it. Got a gig next week so I’ll report back some more after that.





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