iPad mount for Standtasic

One of the problems I have playing keys in the band (apart from being a crappy player LOL) is that because I can’t remember my name half the time, much less music, I use sheet music which means that I have to carry a ton of music with me and a music stand.
That’s why I got the iPad, go electronic! It works great and I am not carrying around heavy books of music. The problem though is that I still need a music stand to put the iPad on and if the stand gets knocked over, so does the iPad.
So I needed a solution.
There are a couple of iPad holders out there and after some though I went with the Xclip from crisKenna.com, mainly because I figured I could engineer a mount for it the easiest.

So, I started out with one of these, an On Stage microphone adapter, model MY 500:

The Xclip mounts to a standard microphone adapter so I removed the center piece and one of the thumbscrews then, after some thought and a little measurement, I beat the crap out of it with a big hammer, drilled a couple of holes in the top of one of the Standtastic legs and butchered an old On Stage keyboard 2nd tier for a large thumbscrew. OK, it was a BIT more scientific than that, but not by much!
I used a 6 inch gooseneck to lift the Xclip above the keyboard, that keeps the metal bits of the mount as short as possible and therefore less likely to flex.

It still needs a lick of paint but you can get the general idea from these pics:

It’s a little bit fiddly attaching it to the stand and it’s not really practical to leave it on there when the stand is broken down because of the way the stand folds up but I can live with that. It fits into my gear bag and means I have one less thing to carry.

Plus, unless anyone actually takes a look at what’s on the screen, they will never know I am using a substitute music stand, it’s just looks like another piece of the gear.


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