Where are the old people….

When I was about seven or so, ‘old’ people were basically anyone that was nine! I wasn’t actually aware of anyone older than that except for my parents that were just sort of ‘there’ and so don’t really count.

Then when I was around thirteen, old people were basically my parents because, as we all know, when you are thirteen, grown ups don’t know ANYTHING!

Fortunately I survived my teens (just) and then I got to be in my early twenties and old people were basically anyone over thirty.

But then I hit my thirties and old people were anyone over maybe fifty or so, Except for my grandma, who was in her eighties but as far as I was concerned, she was just the same age as me, just with a few more wrinkles.

And so my forties came and went and old people, well, they got older too.

So now as I approach my sixties, ‘old’ people are pretty much in the realm anyone that has one foot in the grave.

So I’m thinking, When I get to be an ‘old’ person, how old will the old people be?


The thing is though, in my heart I’m still just a kid. So, where are the old people anyway?


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