Any excuse for a sale…

Retail businesses seem to use pretty much any event as an excuse for a ‘sale’, for example (and today being Presidents Day is a fine example) New Years day, the day AFTER New Years Day, Christmas, Black Friday, etc ;

The trouble is, that leaves a whole bunch of days without the opportunity for a ‘sale’ so I came up with the following list of suggestions :


  • Monday : That Monday morning feeling Sale. Buy something and feel better.
  • Tuesday : The Still too early in the week sale. Buy something and feel better.
  • Wednesday : Hump day sale. Buy something to celebrate it being half over.
  • Thursday : The “It’s almost Friday” sale. Buy something for tomorrow.
  • Friday : Yaaay, The TGIF sale. You bought something for today yesterday so buy something todayfor the week-end.
  • Saturday : Why do you need a reason, Buy something NOW.
  • Sunday : Buy something for God because you know he needs it!

So now you have no excuse for not going out there and spend, spend, spend baby. After all, you gotta stimulate the economy!


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