Using DigiTech FS3X Footswitch with T.C. Helicon Harmony-M

I got myself this harmony effects unit recently, just to have a bit of fun with but also to encourage me to actually learn to sing in tune.

It works great but I wanted to use a foot switch with it so it can sit on the keyboard and I can operate it with my foot. T.C Helicon have a couple of such switches but research indicates that neither is currently available and probably won’t be for a while.

Some digging around revealed that the DigiTech Fs3X pedal would probably work. At this web site I found the following diagram for such a switch.

And then on I found this pdf that described the FS3X wiring (reproduced here, copyrights acknowledged):

This just confirmed they were the same so I felt safe plugging the FS3X into the Harmony-M and sure enough it works great. Even better, I managed to get the FS3X from the local Guitar Center for $15 vs the mid thirties price I was seeing online. The sales guy did have to go digging in the stock room for it though but hey, I couldn’t even buy the parts to make my own for that.


One Response to “Using DigiTech FS3X Footswitch with T.C. Helicon Harmony-M”

  1. Multi-pedal control for Jamman and AirTurn | One Guy Did Says:

    […] #1: The JamMan Solo can be used as-is, but is more versatile when a 3-switch controller is connected, such as the FS3X. If you think a genuine FS3X is a bit expensive for a box with 3 switches, or a bit hard to source internationally, it’s quite easy to create a substitute. The connection is a 1/4″ TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve), with Ground on the sleeve, switch 1 on the tip, switch 2 on the ring. Switch 3 is equivalent to simultaneously pressing the other two switches. You can either use a double-pole switch, or use two diodes as described by [Branch on Maybe] […]

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