Want to buy a truck…

Another one of those e-mails from China. I wonder who the heck they think I am, Donald Trump maybe….!

Dear Sir or Madam:

Nice to meet you! Thank you to take a moment to check this email.

This is a professional manufacturer of various special semi trailers, tanker semi trailers and vacuum trucks in China.

My company was established in 1990,Located in Huaian City of Jiangsu,about 480km to shanghai. With competitive price and reliable quality, our products have exported to many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tanzania, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cuba, Morocco, Algeria, and more.

We offer customized vehicles in compliance with specific needs of clients, and we provide training courses about special purpose vehicles.

OEM service is also available upon request.

If you are interested in our product,pls browse our website. Any question,pls ctc.

Hope we can talk more.



So, if you want a Chinese truck or three, I can fix you up.


One Response to “Want to buy a truck…”

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