What did you do to keep the economy going today?

Received a letter (ironic really) from AT&T telling me that they would be switching me to paperless billing (see what I mean about ironic) unless I went online and indicated otherwise. There were all sorts of dire warnings about things like identity theft if I stayed with paper and how much more convenient it would be for me, but strangely no mention of how much money it would save them.

So, me being me, I just opted to stay with paper because when my phone bill comes in the mail it means that :

  • I won’t forget to pay the ruddy thing because it’s sat on my desk in front of me where I can see it!
  • It keeps the postman employed.
  • It keeps the US Post office in business.
  • It keeps someone employed to send the ruddy thing out.
  • It keeps paper suppliers in business.
  • It keeps the trucking company that delivers the paper in business.
  • It keeps a truck driver or three employed.
  • It keeps a logging company or two in business and the loggers employed.
  • It keeps the gas companies in business.
  • All these people working have money to spend and to pay taxes with and ‘that’ keeps the economy going.

So you see. You might think that opting to go paperless is the ‘better’ option but the reality is that ‘I’ am keeping the economy going by sticking with paper.

What did you do to keep the economy going today?


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