Love my iPad, HATE iTunes…

I rarely plug my iPad into my PC because I never know what the hell it is going to do and fear it will wipe out all my apps (I’ve had that happen with the iPod before now).
So today there’s a new iOS version out. Great, I’ll update the iPad, so plug it in to the PC and iTunes starts and that’s about the end of the ‘good’ part of the experience.

I try to update the OS. It says there are apps on my iPad that are not in my iTunes library. Now I have NO f**king idea what that means, after all, I bought the bloody things on the iPad using the app store. The message says I should transfer them to my library in iTunes but is there any indication of how to actually do that? NO! Is there a help button on the popup dialog box that tells me this? NO! I am left to struggle. Apple fail!

After some digging around on t’internets I found how to do it so I tried it. Now it says I cannot copy some of the apps because my computer is not ‘Authorized’. Again, No help, no help button. Apple Fail!

More trawling on t’internets and I’ve figured to how to ‘authorize’ my computer but now (and this is another source of frustration and annoyance to me) it wants my Apple ID.

Now when I first stared with the Apple lark I had a userid for the app store that, so far as I know worked just fine in iTunes. But then some bright spark at Apple decided that we all needed Apple IDs as well. The problem is, I could remember my old app store userid and password just fine. NEVER had a problem. But can I remember either my Apple ID or the ruddy password. Can I f**k!

So every time I have to spend half a ruddy hour trying to remember the ID and then get the password reset. And of course I cannot use one of ‘my easy to remember’ passwords because I’ve used them before so I have have to use something new which means that next time I try this I won’t be able to remember it, and then I’ll have to go through all this crap again!

Anyway, eventually I got my password reset, go into iTunes, ‘authorize’ the computer, try the app transfer again and it STILL WON’T F**KING DO IT!

At this point I have unplugged the iPad, said ‘f**k it’ to the iOS upgrade and decided to vent my frustration out on here!

I love my iPad, I really do. I love my iPod too. But to be honest, iTunes SUCKS!

Will anything ever change? Unlikely but at least I feel better now, although my iPad still is not updated! So Apple, should you ever read this, I’d like to point out that there’s bugger all point in releasing a new iOS version if you make it so hard for me to upgrade to it that I am not going to bother.


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