More ‘fun’ with iTunes…

So I plugged the iPad in again and had another go at updating it. Eventually I figured out that I appear to have TWO app store ids or Apple IDs (I’m not sure what they are really!).
Now bear in mind I started out with ONE id for (I think) the app store a long time ago and it was fine. Then Apple forced my to create an Apple ID which, so far as I knew was just an alternative to the one I already had. In other words, as far as ‘I’ was concerned I had ONE account with Apple, albeit with two IDs now but somehow linked together internally.

That’s what I ‘thought’ I had. By pure chance I went to the Apple ID page on the Apple web site and my browser filled in my other id instead (not the one I’d been trying to reset). Of course I could not remember the password for that one either so I reset it to be the same as the other one (I won’t forget it this time! Ha ha, sure I will…).

Then I tried transferring the apps. Still no go so I authorized the new account to this computer. Now bear in mind that as far as ‘I’ am concerned I have ONE account with Apple. It only has TWO identities because ‘they’ forced my to create a second one. But now, iTunes says I have TWO computers authorized out of my maximum of 5.
I have NO idea what that means. As far as ‘I’ am concerned I have TWO accounts maybe (actually to me, two versions of the SAME account). I still have the SAME iPad plugged in and I’m still sitting at the SAME physical PC I was before so where does it get the notion that I have TWO computers authorized. Beats me. Just a piece of crap!

Anyway, it did at last transfer all my apps and is now updating the OS. We’ll see what happens when it’s done but at this stage, I don’t have high hopes for it!


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