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If you’ve not heard of it before is a web site where you can report minor and non critical road maintenance issues and they get passed on to the appropriate local maintenance department. Now I’m not promising anything because ultimately what happens is down to how good your local DOT is but around here (Raleigh, NC), I have to say it, and the local DOT have provided excellent service at addressing issues that I have reported. It’s particularly good for getting issues resolved on ‘less traveled’ roads, the sort of road where the DOT don’t go down every day (or week or month or ever) and would not notice any problems.

One of roads on my way home from work has been developing some pretty bad, rim busting, pot holes lately on one side. After hitting one the other day I finally got around to reporting it this morning and on the way home tonight, the holes had been filled in. Admittedly it’s just a quick repair job (throw some asphalt in the hole and pad it down) but at least my wheel rims are not going to be destroyed because I forgot about it (again).



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