I could be in the movies…

Because I’ve got a British accent too!

You may think that all Brits (well, the blokes anyway) talk like the Michael Caine or Prince Charles but it’s not true. Take Ricky Gervais for example (please, take Ricky Gervias!). He’s got a ‘strange’ accent, even by British standards but he’s done quite well in the US Movie and TV industries and all he seems to do is talk funny and laugh a lot!

So I figure I could be his like, well, nemesis. I’ve got a strange Brit accent but in a different way from him and I don’t laugh much, I think they put my smile on upside down when I was born :(

So, that’s me. I’ve just got to wait for the movie offers to pour in. I am also available for voice overs if case anyone in Hollywood is interested (hint, hint) but I only do one accent which happens to be broad North West England. Still, there has to be a use for that, I could do Postman Pat. Oh wait, he already sounds like me!



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