Shoulda ate the box…

I am partial to a good curry, unfortunately tonight we didn’t have any curry sauce in the house, nor powder to make my own. We did however have a box of stuff that purported to be Chicken Korma (sauce and rice, just add chicken).

I should have gotten a hint of what was to come when the bag of curry source exploded in the microwave (the instructions said ‘do not open the pack’), but sometimes you just don’t pay attention to the good sense that god gave you and this was one of those times. So with bag now open, I continued to heat the sauce while the rice cooked (boil in the bag).

With everything nicely hot I carefully threw it all on a plate. See that picture above? It was NOTHING like that (I should have taken a picture of it). In fact I’ve seen stuff the dog has brought up look better! Oh well, maybe it does not taste as bad as it looks.


It was up there as probably the worst and most tasteless thing I’ve even eaten since I tried dog biscuits (I was a curious, if somewhat stupid kid!).

Note to self. Curry that comes in a box should go directly to the trash, do not pass the lips, do not swallow!


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