We have a pill for that…

Have you ever noticed how there seems to be a pill for everything. Are you alive? We’ve got a pill for that! The problem is though that it also seems like the side effects are often worse than the illness.

I was (not really) watching one for Cymbalta tonight. It’s for depression. Now don’t get me wrong, depression can be serious  and I am not dismissing it at all but the side effects of this medication can include ‘death’!

Hell, if I was taking a pill that could kill me, I’d be ruddy well depressed too!

But it’s worse (how can it be worse you think?). I’ve seen an ad for medication for nail fungus. And yes, that one too can kill you!

Now if I’m depressed I might consider topping myself so maybe it’s worth the risk of taking the pill, after all it might cure me but hell, nail fungus! Oh look, I’ve got a nail fungus so I’ll take this pill and oh crap, I just died. Well at least the nail fungus won’t bother me any more! I can just see the death certificate. Cause of death….. Nail Fungus!





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