Chain letters…

Remember the old days when people still communicated by using a stick filled with colored water to  scratch symbols onto a piece of highly processed wood pulp? One of less savory offshoots of that activity was the chain letter. You know the sort of thing, send this letter on to 27 other people or you’ll die (bad for you if you don’t know 27 people I guess!).

But I have noticed a worrying trend on places like Facebook (OK, only on Facebook, I have no other life!) and that’s the chain post. It goes something like this :

Blah blah blah (or some other equally obscure introduction), post his as your status in the next 24 hours. I’ll be watching to see who posts and will be removing everyone from my friends list that does not.

OMG (etc…) I must post this or I’ll lose a friend, or die, or worse even! And so it goes on…

Are we really that desperate/dumb?


So anyway, if you post this sort of thing on FB and I don’t reply and you remove me  as a friend…..





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