Bubble wrap…

Ever noticed how anytime someone gets piece of bubble wrap they start popping all the bubbles? If this continues, bubble wrap will become an endangered species, so we need to setup bubble wrap sanctuaries. Places where bubble wrap can roam freely, safe from the dangers imposed by passing random bubble poppers.

So the next time you are idly turning a piece of once glorious and proud bubble wrap into something akin to the cast off skin of a reptile, remember that you are helping to bring to an end to this once proud and helpful species. To help save the bubble wrap population, please send your donations to the BWPA (Bubble Wrap Protection Association) and we will send you a full color picture of a piece of bubble wrap that your contribution in helping to save as well as our monthly news letter, Bubble Wrap Poppers Anonymous.

Thank you.

Iva Poppedem (BWPA)


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