Strap Locks

No, this is not some sort of new kinky perversion!

I finally got around to installing a set of Schaller strap locks onto my Lucina ‘keytar’. I had to take a file to the part that fits into the plastic housing on the Lucina because it was ever so slightly too big, but once that was done they bolted up just fine in place of the original strap buttons. And speaking of ‘bolting’, the strap buttons on the Lucina are bolted to the plastic body and there’s a nut on the inside on each bolt and of course that nut is NOT captive. What that means to you is that you have to take your Lucina apart to put the new buttons on, which you have to do because the strap locks won’t fit onto the existing buttons which are of course too big.  There’s a post elsewhere on this blog about pulling your Lucina apart so I won’t repeat it here, just hit the ‘Lucina’ tag over there in the tag list!


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