Dear ADT…

This is just me having a vent, feel free to ignore it (unless you are an ADT exec in which case, maybe pay attention!)…


Felt crap (migrane) all day but wanted to go see  a friend and his band at the local coffee shop for an hour then go do my weekly shopping (such is my life, DULL is not in it!).

So I head out around 8 pm. Just tanked the car (so was still pretty near home) and my wife calls (she’s nursing a sick friend) to say that ADT just called her and that the alarm must have gone off.  So I turn round and head back home but when I get there, no alarm…WTF! I go in and there’s a phone call from ADT saying the alarm box had had a problem. Now I know what this problem is, for some reason it complains about our VIOP phone line (Vonage). Happens all the time, it’s just a test signal and the system still works.


So here’s what’s pissing me off before I even call them:

  • NOT an alarm call.
  • It’s NOT urgent
  • It’s 8:30 on a bloody Friday night.
  • They not only phoned home, they phoned my wife’s mobile thus giving the impression it was urgent which caused my wife to call me which caused me to turn around and go back for NO BLOODY REASON!


So I call them, I explain I am ‘unhappy’ to the poor sod on the other end (sorry dude, nothing personal!).

He asks me to run a test, I ask how long will it task?, He says “not long”. How long is “not long” I ask? Is that like 30 seconds, a minutes, a week, three feet. I ask how long is not long? He repeats “not long”. Now I’m getting REALLY pissed (sorry dude but you were NOT helping yourself at this point).

So we start the test. No bear in mind that:

  • I called the 800 number so I KNOW he knows what number I am calling from (home as it happens).
  • He asked me for my number (which is strange considering he could probably see it) and the address of the system (home again). OK, the system address is reasonable, could be anywhere, not home (but bear in mind he now knows the  system is at the same location I am calling from)
  • He asks me to do some stuff to start the test.

At which point the box starts to dial out ON THE SAME LINE I AM CALLING FROM. That’s why it was probably not working at that point.

He then starts into some loooooong talk about my phone line. So, in an attempt to save us both a week of our lives while he talks about something that does not apply to, I keep trying to get a word in edgewise so that I can explain I have VOIP and that I think the whole phone line thing does not apply.

But there’s no shutting this dude up is there, yak, yak, yak, yak…

In the end I loose it, he tells me he’s not going to take that sort of talk (which is fair enough, and to be fair to him he did maintain his cool (mostly)) and I tell him/them to forget it and I hang up.


So I have a couple of pieces of advice for ADT and pretty much any company that likes to think it has ‘customer service’:

  • Decide what’s important and what’s NOT important before you call the customer.
  • Don’t call at stupid times for something that could wait until a more reasonable time tomorrow.
  • When the customer is trying to tell you something, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!


So in the end I was so wound up because of all this crap that I didn’t go to see that band after all, just did my shopping instead which is a whole other story for another day maybe!

You know how they record some of the calls? I really hope they recorded this one because maybe then they will understand why I am now going to go look for a different alarm company for my house. There’s not a lot of choice around here but there is some (unless they buy them out too). Maybe it’s time for a change, something I would not be thinking about if not for their ‘customer service’!



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