Dear Time Warner…

You know your latest DVR update, the one with the new fancy colors?

It’s crap!

Instead of changing the colors, maybe you could work on making the bloody thing responsive to the controller. I press a button, wait 10 seconds and it does something. But of course by then, I think it’s not doing anything so I’ve pressed the button half a dozen times in frustration. Then the bloody thing goes boom, boom, boom and processes all the inputs at once, going way past where I was aiming for.

And if you don’t touch the control for 30 seconds, the menu goes away and you have to start all over again.

It’s just taken me 20 minutes to set up the recording for one bloody show.

Oh, and what’s with the scrolling message on the DVR LED display on the front, something about Press Ch Up to change channel? Yes, I bloody well know that but how do I get rid of it and why is it telling me that in the first place. Totally pissin’ useless.


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