It’s Magic I Tell You…

I’ve always wondered about the doors in Star Trek. If you’ve ever watched Star Trek (and where have you been for the last forty odd years if you haven’t) then you’ll know that the doors on the Enterprise open automagically with a swooshing sound whenever anyone approaches them to go through them.

But have you even noticed that if that person stops just in front of the door, maybe to talk to someone back in the room or whatever that they are leaving, that the door does not open until they are actually ready to go through it.

I want to know how the doors do that. How do they know they don’t need to open yet? As far as I can tell, the doors on the Enterprise are the most intelligent bit of kit on there. Everything else needs people to operate it but the doors? Well, they just ‘know’!



One Response to “It’s Magic I Tell You…”

  1. visitingmissouri Says:

    Maybe it’s the talking. Whenever you talk, they’ll stay closed. Think about how extra awkward a normal awkward silence would be. Swoosh. Painful.

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