At least we don’t kill you for your opinions…

When Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” came out there was a big backlash by various religious groups in the west because it made fun of Jesus Christ. That of course made the film a hit and in retrospect probably made the clergy look foolish.

Now a film has come out that purports to show the prophet Mohammed in what one might call a “poor light” and the Muslim world erupts with a mob storming the US embassy in Libya and killing three people including the US ambassador to Libya.

What is this, religion by fear?

Let me point something out. You might not like it very much but here in the USA we have these concepts called “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of religion”. This nation is founded upon these principles and while you might not always agree with something said or done as a result of either of these freedoms, you also have the right and freedom to air your opinions without fear of retribution.

Voltaire once said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

But at some point you will realize that we, the US and other countries will no longer stand beside you as you fight for your own survival when you in turn, stab us in the back at every opportunity. I think that even Voltaire would say “Enough” eventually.

I see far too many pictures like this one every time someone ‘insults’ Islam and to be honest I really am getting sick of it. You know, one day (soon) the oil is going to run out and the world won’t give one rotten damn about you, your religion, your civil wars, your fight to depose your own dictators or sadly your children. So you go ahead, put another nail in your own coffins. One day we won’t be there to help.


Let me just add that  I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia and am proud to have called Muslims of many nationalities my friends ,which makes makes this events all the more difficult for me at least to understand.



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