iPhone 5+…

OK, so the iPhone 5 has been out for like five minutes now so it’s time for an upgrade.

Were you impressed by the 20% thinner look, the lighter weight, the other insignificant changes? Nahhh, me neither but wait, coming soon…… Drum roll please…..

The i(nvisi)Phone…!


Shown here on the standard iPhone dock you can immediately see that the new i(nvisi)Phone is actually less than one atom thick (or is that thin?), either way it’s a lot less to carry around. And being so light, Apple have been able to make it over 500 times taller AND wider than that old iPhone 5 model meaning the display is just that much more usable. Being so thin, the i(nvisi)Phone utilizes quantum mechanics for it main processing chip and actually consumes a mere fraction of power used by earlier models. Charging utilizes the molecular level vibrations of the atoms in your hand, so just using it ensures that the battery remains fully charged and talk and text time is virtually unlimited.

Sadly still no support for Adobe Flash and the only downside so far has been that the developers put their only working model down on bench and have been unable to locate it since.




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