The Rack…

I’ve had this old TC Electronics M300 effects unit lying around for ages. I used it at the gig we did last week but the problem is that it’s just a rack unit on it’s own. I.E. No rack so I just had it sitting on the ground. That was OK for where we were but I decided I needed to something a little more ‘professional’. And since I was at it, why not build a complete rack system anyway.

So the other week I got a Gator 4U rack case and I’ve started collecting parts and assembling things. I’m searching around for a decent (and cheap) rack based synth module but in the meantime I got a rack power conditioner/supply. This is is where I am up to so far:

Ultimately I will put the power supply on the rear of the rack case since it is double ended. The problem with that is that the cable for the power supply is a) fixed and b) on the rear of the power supply unit. That means I will have a cable running from inside the rack to the outside for the power. Also, it’s not very long. So what I want to do is replace the captured power cable with a socket but on the front of the power supply (I might also put one on the rear as well just in case!). So, first step is to investigate the insides of the power supply. Remove a few screws and this is what you see:

There’s certainly plenty of space on the front panel for a power socket although I am not sure if I will be able to fit one where the existing power cable comes into the unit.

So next up is a search for a plug like this:

And in case you are wondering (I know that you are), this is an IEC320 C14 Male plug.

To be continued…


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