The Rack. Change of plan #2…

Since the 5080 I’ve bought is a 2U unit I’ve decided to move the power supply to the rear (I think that was the original plan anyway) and hook the power to it up to a socket mounted to a blank rack plate on the rear.

This is what I have so far for the rear:

Hard to see but the socket is on the left. I still have to actually cut the wire to the power conditioner and solder the ends to the back side of the socket (with some heat shrink over the pins so we don’t have any accidents!) but one job is done. Boy it was hot in the garage filing the hole out for that socket by hand!

Up front I’ll have the effects unit and the 5080 and a blanking plate with connectors mounted that will then bring all the connectors to the units out to the front.

Such fun!


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