Fun sized…?

So I’m eating one of those small snickers bars (OK,I’ll fess up, I was eating several of them!) and I noticed it had ‘fun size’ written on the side which is great but then I thought “what about the bigger ones?” Are they NOT fun to eat? After all, it  does not have”‘even more fun size” on the medium sized ones and “REALLY REALLY LOTS of fun” on the really big ones  does it. So it seems like the smaller it is, the more fun it is. On that basis, peas should be hilarious and rice, well I’m still laughing from eating it!

In fact, why it it fun at all? It’s food, what are you supposed to do with it? Stack them or something maybe like Lego. “Oh, that was fun but I’m going to eat them now!”. Juggle with them maybe, that sounds like fun, especially if you unwrapped them first then you could juggle them into your mouth. America’s got Talent, here  come!



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