Road Kill…

Ever noticed how people drive AROUND road kill, at least until it’s well squashed (I guess not everyone drives around it). It’s like people don’t want to hurt it more. Hey dude, it’s head’s thinner than a piece of paper, you’re not going to hurt it any more, it’s DEAD!

Mind you, I am not surprised there’s so many dead squirrels around here. They run across the road in front of you and then, when they see you coming at high speed in this four ton pile of machinery they stand there and attempt to head butt you. “Hey guys, watch THIS”! I’ve even had one stop mid road and run right at the car. I guess he was the clever one because he went between the wheels and came out the back unscathed.


One Response to “Road Kill…”

  1. Sonya Says:

    Funny stuff. I think that it has more to do with not wanting dead parts on ones car. This has reminded me of the bunny story, and I think I will post that on Monday, thank you.

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